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Why Whitehat?


Whitehat's only focus is Webinars

Because webinars influence large segments of your market, the rule is:  Do them perfectly or donít do them at all.  Itís not about the technology.  Itís about proper planning, execution, follow-up and ROI.  Common sense wonít guarantee success. Experience will.

  • We provide an extensive menu of services for Pre-Events, Events, & Post-Events

  • Our experience is based on hundreds of successful webinars

And the numbers speak for themselves...

  • 99% of our events have earned survey ratings of High or Excellent

  • 98% of our surveyed attendees will attend multiple Whitehat webinars per year

  • 100% of our clients continue to rely on us for our services

Simply put...

  • Whitehat Communications was established to help create, expand, influence and educate client markets effectively and affordably using accessible alternatives created by emerging technologies.

  • Our experience in providing webinars includes the production and management of hundreds of events that have attracted 10,000+ attendees throughout the world.

  • We handle the enormous volume of detail before, during and after web events so that you can focus on your core business.

  • We deliver all of the services and tools your organization needs to be up and running quickly with professional live and on-demand webinars.

  • We assist you in integrating the webinar segment into your overall marketing program to fuel broader benefits.

  • We are your entire create, plan, execute and follow-up team for web events, which have become one of today's most effective lead and business generators.

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