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Whitehat Communications delivers all of the services and tools your organization needs to be up and running quickly with intelligent live and on-demand webinars and webcasts. Meet the people that can help you reach out to your audience like never before.

Rick Import

With a background in marketing, Rick spent over 20 years as owner of one of the largest TV and media production companies in Central Virginia. He has coached over a thousand performers, presenters, and both corporate and federal executives to appear on TV news with properly crafted message and delivery. Rick has tapped the developing communication technology by building numerous highly successful webinar programs in healthcare events that have attracted thousands of participants.

According to Rick, "Communication technology has matured to the point where it is dependable, powerful and inexpensive compared to other media. The enormous potential in the well produced live web event is just beginning to be recognized by the savvy marketer. How a company or institution is perceived by the marketplace is its most important asset in today's environment. The trick is to understand the medium and message, attract the right audience, and then combine the critical message and delivery elements to return measurable and long-lasting benefits."

Ed Cusick

Ed has over 20 years experience in marketing as a partner in a national marketing company, marketing consultant and sales trainer. What prompted Ed to join the Whitehat team? "Webinars are the best, most efficient and cost effective means of marketing that I have ever seen. When planned and executed properly, the potential for everything from education and image enhancement to marketing products and services is virtually unlimited."

Christina Menke

Chris Menke joins the Whitehat team with 30 years in education and research. Her ability to facilitate learning by linking education to audience interests is exceptional. This experience has given Chris the keen ability to ensure that the desired message in integrated clearly into Whitehat's educational webinars. According to Christina, "Finding creative avenues to engage an audience is the key to learning. The resulting knowledge forms the basis for informed decisions that benefit our clients."

Chris' masterful talent for balancing education and message in webinar content has been one of the fundamental components to Whitehat's ability to provide clear, engaging, and lasting impressions.

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