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 What People are Saying...
Debra Mason, BS, CLS, MT(ASCP), POCT Disctirct Supervisor, Palomar Health
  "I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. The educational opportunities that you provide for us is unmatched by anyone. You all work so hard to give us professional, current and worthwhile programs. The quality of speakers and programs just keep getting better and better every year. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you and what you mean to the Laboratory community."
Dr. Lydia Tiosejo, Tri City Medical Center
  “…your Webinars are always "PERFECT" and organized, compared to some other Webinars that I have attended. I make it a point to register when I see the name "Whitehat" communications, because I know how well organized the presentations are. Keep up the good job! And thank you."
Pat Kraft, MA, MT(ASCP), Ohio POC Group Leader, Good Samaritan Hospital
  “Thank you so much for your support of our group and me. You make things so easy for me-I wouldn’t know what to do without you! With these changing times we need all the help we can get.”
Tricia Farley, BS, MLS(ASCP), Orlando Regional Medical Center
  “Thank you for the opportunity to work with Whitehat Communications. My involvement with today’s webinar was a new experience for me. Your personalities put me at ease and it was a pleasure to work with you both. Attending the continuing education webinars Whitehat offers has always been a worthwhile investment of my time. The company is well organized and the events happen seamlessly. Working closer with the company has only reinforced my opinion of what a great service you are providing to healthcare workers. Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you in the future.”
John Hopper, MT(ASCP)
  "I really appreciate all your efforts to educate us further. The seminars are always excellent!"
Vicky Simmons, Houston Healthcare
  "Excellent presentation. Thank you Whitehat for providing such stellar presentations for us in the point of care world. Excellent as always! Thank you Whitehat!"
May Louie, Stanford Univeristy Medical Center
  "I am very appreciative of you and your team’s effort to give excellent webinar presentations. Keep up with the good work!"
Nancy C. Caralla, Executive Director
C Diff Foundation 
  "Thank you so much, Peter. We appreciate ALL you, Susannah, and your father have done to develop this Symposium and help make it a stellar meeting. It is now going to be an Annual Symposium and we will host it once again next January with the help of your team.
Sheila B Cruthis, MT(ASCP), Cone Health
  Thank you so much for making this available after the fact. I am going to use this seminar for my Point of Care staff for education on the Joint Commission standards. I love that I have access to the slides and the recording. You are providing a very valuable service to the laboratory.
AGNES A. MINA, MT, CLS, ASCP, POCC, St. Vincent Medical Center
  It is always a pleasure and joy to hear from you, Susannah. I truly value and appreciate all you do for us (POCT Program) your hard work and dedication by providing webinars that will sharpen and develop our skills, increase our knowledge by sharing the experience and knowledge of TOP experts in the field of Laboratory Medicine that will shape the minds and create excellent leaders/POCT Coordinators.

I believe the POCT Program is the future of laboratory medicine. POCT coordinators MUST also have knowledge of the diseases and clinical application (critical thinking) of all POC tests results to protect and prevent POCC and operators from releasing erroneous results. We want to deliver the highest quality test results for our patient care and safety. Please also provide us webinars on clinical applications of POCT tests results.

Thank you so very much Whitehat Communications, most especially to you and Rick for giving us your best.

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